Syndicate’s future world is about divisions; the divisions in the economic and political landscapes, between consumer and outcast where people are interfaced with the Datascape through neural chips that feed them a constant stream of data.  That world is run by the mega corporations who plot, steal, manipulate and sabotage for the sake of patents, […]

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The Darkness 2

After he viciously slaughtered his way through the mafia family run by his Uncle Paulie, Jackie Estacado had vowed to never again use The Darkness.  The demon had given him great strength, but had manipulated and twisted the young man.  When we meet him again as he walks into a family run restaurant at the […]

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The Darkness II Demo Impressions

When The Darkness came out in 2007 it was an enigma of a game. While it was received extremely well and was successful enough commercially, it was almost immediately evident that it would quickly exit stage left and fall into the realm of the occult. The Darkness follow-up was announced early last year and has […]

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Hard Reset

Hard Reset has leap-frogged over the decades worth of design that has evolved the modern FPS. Its about relentless, single-minded gunplay not about varied mixture of combat styles. Flying Wild Hog’s first game is a passion project from a developer made up of former employees of People Can Fly and CDProjekt Red. The story is […]

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Matchbook: Team Fortress 2

NOTE- This article was written by my good buddy David Baginski for the site when Blogger was hosting it. To be honest, I’ve had a hard time thinking about what I could say about this game that hasn’t already been said. Team Fortress 2 has a huge following, has reached above and beyond meme status, […]

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