Double Dragon Neon OST

The Dragon Uppercut to Your Girlfriend’s Stomach Double Dragon Neon lands a first-frame hurricane kick to the junk with a virtuoso big-hair anthem that recaptures the lost spirit of the original ‘80’s arcade classic while reveling in the decade’s ridiculous excesses.  As if powered by compositions spawned by some ancient Chinese magic, Jake Kaufman runs […]

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Ridin’ The Jet Set Funk

Hideki Naganuma is a producer who has earned an impressive amount of respect and professional accolades. Hit play below. The above track is ‘Let Mom Sleep’, the opening of Jet Set Radio’s soundtrack. Many people who played the Dreamcast classic remember tearing up JSR’s streets to funky beats that added electricity to the gameplay and […]

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The Songs of Bastion

Bastion’s Caelondia is destroyed minutes before the game’s opening. The Kid, waking from his bed, sets off through a dream that is beautiful and haunting as a nightmare. Supergiant Games crafted a fiction where every element adds to the cohesion of its story. Part of why it works is it’s great sense of place- a […]

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