Mass Effect 3 ‘Omega’ dlc

Post-launch dlc has to be handled very carefully to succeed. Not only does every piece need to identify the strengths and weaknesses of its core game, but needs to be created in relation to the pieces that have already been released. In the two story additions to Mass Effect 3, we were given missions that […]

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Mass Effect 3 ‘Leviathan’ dlc

Mass Effect 2’s post-launch content was among the best examples of the practice this generation.  Not only did each flesh out the Mass Effect universe, they allowed custom built levels and their own cohesive story that could accentuate Shepard’s story while still existing outside of its confines.  Leviathan is the first such piece of content […]

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Mass Effect 3

Since Mass Effect was first announced, skepticism about Bioware’s claims that choices made in its space opera would carry over its trilogy have given way to mounting pressure to make them a reality.  Mass Effect proper introduced a dense universe of characters and races with real history and threw them into peril against an ancient […]

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Bioware’s Official FemmeShep

Last week, Bioware revealed the fan-chosen design for their lady Shepard that will go into select pieces of marketing. It’s exciting that after two full releases, the better of the two Shepards will get her due. Despite not having been on any of the marketing for either of the previous games, FemmeShep has garnered her […]

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